Beauty: Spring 2008 Shu Uemura Rebirth Collection

Shu Uemura's Spring 2008 collection is full of freshness, brightness, and optimism.

The 5 eyeshadows shades are pastel, but with a certain vibrancy to them. Some of the colors, like "Yellow Elation", "Pristine Green", and "Spring Breeze" (lavender), may not work for everyone. But the "Sun Stream" (rose) and "Earth Brown" are universally flattering. All of these colors can be layered with other eyeshadows for a beautiful, multi-dimensional look.

The bronzers (not pictured) are also bright and glowing, with a flawless finish.

Out of the 3 lipshades, the one that struck my fancy is the bright pink one, called "Pink Bloom". The color is just bursting with flowery freshness.

It is at once ironic and appropriate that Shu Uemura's last collection is was called "Rebirth". Shu Uemura passed on recently at the age of 79. If rebirth truly does exist, we can only hope that his next life will be as full of creativity and success as this one was...


Lauren Messiah said...

Hi Girl! Your blog looks great ... welcome to the fashion blogger universe.

Lauren Messiah said...

Oh yeah ... and those colors are gorgeous! Has me thinking spring.

xoxo- Fashion Kitty