Design: Ego-tistically Fabulous Laptop

Forget geek chic, the Ego laptop is geek fabulous.

The Ego is for people who want a laptop that is as boldly fashionable and fiercely individual as they are. With a shiny chrome handle and a sensual, rounded shape, this laptop is meant to be flaunted like a handbag. The skins are handcrafted with materials befitting of designer accessories, like eel leather, pigskin with metallic foil, cow fur, and patent sheep. Not enough bling for you? They make special collections encrusted with crystals, gold, platinum, and even diamonds.

The laptop's unique design means that the skins are interchangeable, so that it can match any and every fabulous outfit. And of course, this being an exclusive luxury laptop, it can be tailor-made and personalized with initials or artwork.

So the Ego has style, but does it have substance? For the most part, it does: overall, the technical specs look good, but they're not as impressive as the outside. Being the geeky workaholic fashionista that I am, I almost choked when I saw the words "Up to 3 hours battery life". This laptop is definitely meant to be looked at, rather than used, when you're on the go.

It looks like I'll have to stick to my basic black Thinkpad X61 for now...

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